[Feature Update] Session Replays Support for HTML5 Canvas

Introducing Canvas Support

Used to draw graphics on the web page, HTML5 Canvas provides an easy way of drawing graphics on the web pages using JavaScript. This can be used to draw graphs, create flow charts, combine photos or create animations (among other things).

Here is a sample of how a Canvas (in action) looks like:

Screen Recording 2019-08-13 at AM.gif

Canvas is widely used in 3D modelling, sketch designs and most flow charting solutions. This means, unlike other html elements, interaction with canvas elements do not get recorded.

Most session replay solutions do not provide support for these elements. Which leave canvas based SaaS businesses without the ability to view their user experience.

Canvas Support with Userships

We’ve just launched our support for html5 Canvas that allow you to record all your canvas sessions! This makes Userships one of the only session replay solutions that supports Canvas (yay!).

session recording for canvas html5 elements

session recording for canvas html5 elements


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