Growth in SaaS Startup | Through Customer Experience

Paul Graham has written a wonderful post about growth where he says that an exceptional growth rate for a SaaS startup is 10% per week.

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The key differentiator and driver for growth that has catapulted many SaaS companies towards exponential growth is Customer Experience.

So, What Is Customer Experience?

…and what it means for a SaaS startup?

Customer Experience (aka CX) is the way your customers interact with your application. For a SaaS company, this means every single click, view, scroll, purchase or abandoned behavior of your online visitor.

More and more startups have put customer experience at their core. Companies understand that with their potential customers having more and more choices than ever before, they need to stop and start listening to their customers and in turn, provide stellar customer experience.

How Are Companies Doing This?

Listen to your initial/beta customers

When Userships launched, we did so in Beta. We knew we had some ways to go before we had a truly premier solution.

Instead of working in a box and assuming what our users would want, we worked with our beta users. We had built a dedicated team that not only replied to every single email on time but listened to our customers.

This involved a whole lot of items, some of them were:

  • maintaining a list of features they would like

  • what issues were they facing

  • how difficult was it for them to use Userships

  • was the navigation easy enough etc.

In the same way, there are companies that create a dedicated channel to listen to their users. Slack, the team collaboration tool, for instance provided support on an open channel - Twitter. This not only allowed them to be reachable to their users, it was an open channel visible to all who may have the same issue.

That’s putting customer experience at the center of it all.

Companies that focus on customer experience have seen a reduction in churn and an increase in revenue.