Natural Language Search on Userships

Unlike standard multi-layered filtering capability that are available for most session replay solutions, Userships comes with Natural Language Search.

 Why not filters?

We wanted to give our users the ability to search easily (read: quick) through all their sessions without having to create complex filtering options.

 Technology has improved leaps and bounds over the years and having built AI solutions, we knew there was simpler way to help users identify sessions – Natural Language Processing (NLP).

 Natural Language Search

Userships’ Natural Language Search takes advantage of NLP technology and allows our users to search for sessions using simple search.

 A quick search for “visitors from United States that visited login yesterday” would give a list of sessions that matched the criteria.

 Compare this with adding a complex filter that would look something like this: “Visited” AND “Location” AND “Page” AND “date”

 The search is configured to allow users to locate sessions based on multiple criteria’s, such as:

  • User Number/Email 

  • Session date and time

  • IP address

  • Location: City, State, Region

  • Device

  • Browser type

  • Operating system

  • UTM parameters – campaign, source and medium

  • Domain

 Getting down to searching

 You can search using any of the above options or a combination of options. Like:

  • Source facebook and google on July 21st 2019

  • User IP

  • Sessions from New York on 15th June

  Creating a Segment

The Natural Language Search auto saves all your previous search history and is available as a segment.


 These auto-segments can then be saved as a segment that can be viewed by all team members.


 This, to us, is search done right!

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