Understanding Your User Experience Better

To help Product and Marketing teams better understand their user experience, Userships now offers Insights and Behavior modules.

Introducing: Insights and Behavior

Understanding how your users experience your product does not stop at session replays, we want to extend session replay to help you get a better understanding of how your users are engaging with your product.

Our new Insights and Behavior modules allow you to view statistics on your users in an easy to understand section. Once you log in to your Userships account, you will now see a switch (like the one shown below) after your sessions.


Insights: Where did your users come from? Behavior: How did they behave on your page?


Insights allows you to view in-depth analytics on where your users came from.

  • See a map view of all your sessions

  • Get a breakdown on session duration

  • View and filter users along with all their sessions based on browser, device and operating system

You can also view a breakdown of traffic sources and understand which campaign, source and medium a segment of users came from.

As with all analytics data points, you can further filter down users and their sessions based on any of these parameters.


The Behavior tab provides insights on your visitors.

You get a view of how many daily visitors came to your page, which is further broken down into:

  • All Visitors

  • First Time Visitors

  • Repeat Visitors

The graph can be modified to show only Repeat visitors or only All Visitors, like so:


Get a better understanding of your user journey with our New Page Analytics module. This module offers you 3 primary statistics:

  • Landing Pages

  • Exit Pages

  • Pages Visited

Search for a segment and see which landing page performs the best, why those users exited from a specific page or simply view the top 20 pages visited.

Each of the statistics shows the top 20 pages by sessions.

Both, Insights and Behavior modules are available to all Userships accounts. Login to your account here to view your user experience behavior.

Need help or have any suggestions? Reach out to us at support@userships.com