Improve User Experience With Userships Powerful Features.


Userships comes packed with features that lets you analyze your data intelligently.


Session Replay


100% session recorded. Userships records 100% sessions of how your users interacted with your website, web product or app


Turn On/Off Identity. Enabled or disable the Identity Module at any time without making any changes to the website code. All handled on Userships

Single, lightweight code. Does not effect website load time. No additions or modifications made to make changes.


Click Events. Quickly view all the click events (pages visited, button click, form click) for any session.

Identify Users. Add your Variable easily. Search for user sessions based on the ID you already know them by.


Start and Stop Recordings at anytime easily



Playback Features


Clean UI with user and event based actions that give you recordings and insights


Next Recording. Move to the next session recorded without switch back to home screen

Play and Pause sessions with ease through the dedicated options provided.


Skip Inactivity automatically and view events and actions faster

Timeline to easily navigate the playback to a particular location.


Player speed. Watch session replays at 2x, 4x or even 8x the speed



Powerful Search


Natural Language Search. Intelligent search to help you find your sessions, faster.

Auto Save capabilities saves all your previous search history.

Segment creation. Pick any auto saved segment and save to create a segment.



User Insights


All User Sessions. Get a quick overview of all sessions for any user with easy to access user cards.


Behavior Pattern. Insights into specific user behavior on your site. See what makes a user, your best user.


Time spent. Day-wise time spent graph that shows repeat engagement.

Devices Used. At a glance, view all devices used by a specific user to access your site.


User Source. Identified your best user? See which source or campaign they came from and replicate!


Duration. See duration breakdown for each visit, click on any session to view playback


Pages Visited. See how individual users interacted with your site with a breakdown of all pages visited.



Ready Segments


Sessions By Location. Get complete view of the most popular visitor locations. Filter sessions by clicking the interactive map to identify users and analytics for a selected region.


Filter by Browser. See an overview of all browsers used by your users and split between popular browsers.

Sessions by UTM tags. Filter user sessions by Source, Campaign, Medium as set by you. Get Referrer based breakdown, click to further filter and create segment


OS Breakdown. Get browser breakdown details to better handle support issues.

Sessions by device. Get breakdown by device. See which is your segments preferred device. Click through to view all sessions or to identify any UI based issued faced by users.



Developer Tools


Developer Console. View developer console for each session. Click on Console and get powerful data for each users session.

Logs and Errors. View any Javascript error encounters by users. Easily debug issues by viewing all logs captured.

Dead Clicks. Find out which element failed and logged an error. View dead click sessions to identify users that encountered failed elements.



Team Collaboration


Unlimited seats. Invite as many team members or clients to your Userships team.

Role Based Access. Invite a User or Admin to your Team. Giving you complete control on your Team.

Manage multiple domains. Easily switch between multiple domains and teams.



Control Settings


Restrict Domains. Add domains to restrict recordings like staging, client access.

Block IP's. Add multiple IP’s to block sessions from them from being recorded like client access, internal team access etc.



Privacy Settings


Block or unblock Elements. Add elements from being recorded such as form data, email address capture etc.

Passwords Sensitive. At recording level, all password fields are blocked from being recorded and saved.

Numeric data. No numeric data is saved at recording and server level such as credit card, PIN etc.



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