Features Overview

Userships comes packed with powerful features that lets you analyze your data intelligently.


Session Replay

Userships shows you a session recording of how your users interacted with your website, web product or app. View session replays of usage, source, location, IP, errors, dead clicks and much more with 100% session recordings.


See where users need help


View Errors to debug


Optimize and increase your conversion rate

Intelligent Search

A truly intelligent search to help you find your sessions, faster!


Natural Language Search Capabilities

Enabled with Natural Language Text search, you can search for a session in multiple combinations


  • Source facebook and google on July 1st 2019

  • User IP

  • Sessions from New York on 15th June

  • Users visited sign_up yesterday

  • This week from United States

  • Campaign was new-offer

  • Visited features and pricing today

  • Users from London at 3pm on 11th July


Search and Filter Across Sessions

Search easily across sessions and combine all the info available to find sessions you need.

Searchable information:

  • User number

  • Pages visited

  • Session date and time range

  • IP Address

  • City, State/Region, Country

  • Device

  • Browser and OS

  • UTM Parameters - Campaign, Medium and Source

Analytics And Insights


Sessions by Location

Get complete view of the most popular visitor locations. Filter sessions further by clicking the interactive map to identify users and analytics for a selected region.


Location based traffic view


Filter sessions by region


View behavior, analytics, dead clicks and more


Identify Users

View sessions for specific users based on the email address entered in any form. Search for a user to view all sessions easily. No integrations required.


Search for users easily


View all sessions for a particular user


Understand behavior, analytics, dead clicks



Understand more about your visitors and how each segment interacts with your website or application. Get meaningful insights by viewing sessions for a segment.


View sessions by UTM's


Get breakdown by device, browser, OS type and more


Filter segment to view specific sessions


Dead Clicks

Find out which element failed and logged an error. View dead click sessions to identify users that encountered failed elements.


Identify bugs users encounter


Fix issues that need immediate attention


Improve user experience


Grow Your Usership, Without The Price Tag!