Userships was built out of a need…


While we were building our SaaS solution, we needed to understand how users behaved on our website. If they took the path that we thought was ideal for them, if they faced any issues while accessing the solution.

While we turned to existing solutions, we quickly realized that they were either too pricey (>$850 per month!!) or just sampled user sessions - which was of no true value to us.

We knew there were others businesses who, like us, wanted the value but could not afford the price point.

Built by a passionate Technologist, Userships came from years of struggle to find a solution that gave us some insights into user behavior through screen recordings that frankly, did not cost an arm and a leg.

The importance of understanding user experience, dead links and errors in any SaaS solution cannot be highlighted enough.

Constant monitoring is crucial to make sure that your users are having the experience you want them to have. Allowing you to grow your user base by proving a top notch solution you set out to build.

All Userships’ features are available FOR FREE for 20,000 sessions - not pageviews, not events; just sessions.

We would love to hear any thoughts or feedback you might have for us. Drop us a note at

Much love

-Userships Team


Grow your Usership, without the price tag!