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+ How do I get Userships tracking code?

In order to start collecting visitor sessions, the Userships Tracking code needs to be installed in your website. During signup, you would receive your tracking code. This snippet can also be found in the settings of your Dashboard

Adding Userships to your website is easy:

  • Log in to your account and click on your account name on the top right
  • Under Setup, you will find the tracking code

  • Paste the Tracking Code into the head section of your website.

Your recording should appear within a few minutes of the tracking code installation

+ How much does Userships cost?

Currently in beta, Userships is available for free for unlimited recordings.

Once out of beta, Userships will be available for $14.99 per month for 50,000 sessions - not pageviews, not events, just sessions.

+ What is a session?

A Userships session is the interactions your users have had on your site starting from the landing page to the exit page (or inactivity of more than 30 minutes).

Users that return after 30 minutes of inactivity will be treated as a new session for the same user.

+ Recording 100% sessions

Unlike other session replay solutions, Userships records 100% of users sessions (not sample). This means, you can see all sessions of a user across a time period.

+ Visitor Privacy

Userships follows strict privacy policies, all site visitors are assigned a unique ID, allowing us to keep track of returning visitors without storing any personal information.

Numbers (such as sensitive credit card details) are blocked from recording. Userships modifies the frame before we save it, to remove all the numbers/digits, guaranteeing complete privacy.

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+ Installing Userships on my HTML website

Adding Userships to your website is easy. Simply copy the Recording snippet and past it to the head of every web page you want to record sessions.

To get your Userships recording snippet:

  • Login to your Userships account (click here)
  • Click on your Company name and select Settings

+ Installing Userships on my Squarespace

If you use a Squarespace CMS, you can add this by navigating to the Code Injection section of your website.

To do this:

  • Login to your Squarespace account and click on Advanced
  • Navigate to Code Injection and paste your Userships code

+ Installing Userships using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

You can install the Userships script to Google's Tag Manager.

To do this:

  • Go to Google Tag Manager and click New Tag
  • Click on Tag Configuration and select tag type as Custom HTML
  • Copy and paste your Userships script under HTML
  • Select Triggering as All Pages
  • Name your tag and save


+ What events does Userships record?

To help you understand ser baviour on your website, Userships records your visitors sessions and tracks certains events to help you analyse your web usability.

The following events are captured:

  • Mouse clicks
  • Mouse movement
  • Scroll movement
  • Keystrokes
  • HTML pages visited

+ Viewing All sessions for a user

Userships records 100% visitor sessions. This allows you to view all sessions for a returning user.

All sessions against a user can be viewed easily under a recording:

+ Can I record sessions on my Local machine?

Yes! You can record sesions on a Local machine provided you access Userships on the same Local machine.

Additionally, for Userships to work on a Local Machine, it is advisable to place the code in the Body tag.

If you need any additional help, please reach out to us.


Understanding Insights

+ Sessions by UTM tags

Userships tracks all UTM tags and breaks down session details based on the following UTM parameters:

  • UTM Source
  • UTM Medium
  • UTM Campaign

To view recording from a specific UTM parameter, simply click on the UTM Source/Medium/Campaign name and get the list of recordings for the filtered criteria.

+ Browser details

Get browser-wise session breakdown of your visitors. Track how your website renders on different browsers and fix things that need your immediate attention.

+ Device breakdown

Userships tracks devices used to access your website. You can now see sessions based on devices that accessed your site, this includes desktop, mobile and tablets.


Team Settings

+ Inviting team members

Once you have setup your account and started recording sessions for your domain on Userships, you will become the Account Owner.

You will be able to invite your team members and clients to the account you create. When you invite somebody, select the type of access - Admin (full control) or User (view access).

Invite team members by accessing Settings and clicking on Team Settings

Recording Settings

+ How to Start and Stop Recordings?

You can easily start and stop Userships from recording sessions on your website.

Click on Settings and go to Recording to access the setting:

+ Identify users with Userships Identity Module

Userships allows you to identify your users with your own application specific email ID. You DO NOT need to make any changes to your existing Userships code.

To enable this, you will need to add the variable (location) of the user's email ID

Click on Settings and go to Recording to access the setting:

If you need any additional help, please reach out to us.

+ Restricting domains

Restrict recording for specific domains such as etc.

Do this by access Settings and go to Recording

+ How do I Block IP's?

If you would like to block recordings from a specific IP that is used by a client or testing, block those using the IP blocking feature.

Click on Settings and go to Recording to access the setting:


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